Concerns over the Connected Curriculum from those Tasked with its Delivery in the Centre for Academic Language and Literacies

The UCU members of the Centre for Academic Language and Literacies (CALL) have written the following statement to register our concern over proposals for the Connected Curriculum, and over our role in administering and delivering it.  In our view, the most troubling aspect of  the Connected Curriculum is that it is envisaged as accounting for…

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Letter to the Visitor to Goldsmiths – The Right Honourable Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP

The Clerk of the Council, Privy Council Office, London                      16 March 2022 Petition to the Visitor of Goldsmiths, University of London To the Clerk of the Council, We are writing to petition you in your role as Visitor to Goldsmiths, University of London pursuant to section 46 of the Higher Education Act 2004 and The…

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Colleagues Warn Goldsmiths’ Proposed ‘Connected Curriculum’ Highly Disruptive to the Ecology of Programmes in Media, Communications & Cultural Studies

Colleagues in the Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths have drawn together this response to the ‘Connected Curriculum’. With the Department of Sociology, whose response you can read here, colleagues and students of MCCS are deeply concerned about the grave implications of this proposal. This feedback has been gathered from staff occupying…

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Sociology respond to the imposition of a ‘Connected Curriculum’

The Senior Management Team (SMT) of Goldsmiths—comprised of 9 members of staff (3 interim; 1 permanent staff member about to leave)—is seeking to impose an unpopular ‘Connected Curriculum’ that is univserally derided by staff across departments. SMT continue to use forms of “consultation” that ask individuals and departments to provide “feedback” along extremely narrowly confined…

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A Crisis in Governance at Goldsmiths? Urgent Questions Asked to Council Over Conflicts of Interest

The below letter was addressed to Dinah Caine, Chair of Goldsmiths Council, on December 10 2021 Questions for Chair of Council Dear Dinah Caine, We write as concerned members of staff to raise important and troubling governance issues that have come to our attention. These relate to issues of conflict of interest, transparency and accountability…

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What You Said: Comments to the Decision Makers

“The current plans for Goldsmiths could signal the end of democratic education in the U.K.” Christopher Connery, Chair, History of Consciousness Department, Professor, World Literature and Cultural Studies, UC Santa Cruz, USA “Another example where core teaching and administrative staff pay for bad management. We need change.” Professor Steve Edwards, Birkbeck, London, UK “Goldsmiths is a treasure…

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Open Letter to Professor Frances Corner, OBE, Warden of Goldsmiths, Council & Senior Management Team

​​We are academics, researchers and artists who have in various ways collaborated with members of the Goldsmiths community over the years or have been members of staff or students ourselves – or are simply acquainted with the College’s stellar reputation. Goldsmiths, University of London, is internationally renowned for its progressive and critical education, its commitment…

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How Goldsmiths Staff Are Fighting Covid Austerity 700 Lecturers Refuse to Mark Essays as 120 Job Losses Loom at Goldsmiths University Students Union criticises university management over Evolving Goldsmiths plan ‘Despicable in a pandemic’: fury as UK universities plan job cuts

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