Why JISC? JiscMail is the national academic mailing list service. JiscMail helps people working in education and research sectors to discuss, debate, collaborate and communicate with peers, experts and partners using mailing lists. Discussion lists enable free flowing discussion and debate between subscribers and are set up to allow subscribers to post new messages andContinue reading “GOLDSTAFF JISC”

Staff Assembly

Brown Paper Bag Lunchtime Assembly Second Meeting 18/02/21 @1pm To get your Zoom link invitation register with Eventbrite The time has come to reconstitute ourselves, to push ahead with widening the grassroots, staff-led discussion about Goldsmiths and its future, including the College’s response to the budgetary deficit and the COVID-19 crisis. To our knowledge, theContinue reading “Staff Assembly”

What’s Next for Collective Change?

Creating the Vote To generate the Vote of No Confidence we needed to make two crucial decisions: (1) Who would be the constituents of the VoNC? (2) How would the VoNC be administered? Limiting the VoNC to Academic Departments We value all voices on campus and had lengthy and heartfelt discussions about who could andContinue reading “What’s Next for Collective Change?”

Where did Collective Change come from?

Back in April 2020 the Steering Group of the Professors’ Forum sent out a proposal to all staff in academic departments, inviting them to ask how Goldsmiths might ensure better decision-making structures going forward. The impoverished capacity for inclusive and participatory decision-making across the College was highlighted as a key shortcoming of ‘Evolving Goldsmiths’. TheContinue reading “Where did Collective Change come from?”

Workshop on Collective Change for Academic Board

The Warden invited representatives of the Collective Change Working Group to run a workshop for members of Academic Board on 23 September. We saw the workshop as an important opportunity to transform the Collective Statement (and appended departmental statements) into actionable items. In this post you can view our workshop presentation in which we discussContinue reading “Workshop on Collective Change for Academic Board”

Staff News or SMT News?

Back in July, departmental Change Rapporteurs contacted Communications to see if we could get an item on the Collective Change process in the weekly Staff News. In doing so, we aimed for “transparency, inclusivity and accessibility” within the College–and stated us much in our correspondence. We were keen to share our report as widely asContinue reading “Staff News or SMT News?”

Collective Change Statement

The following was sent to the Senior Management Team (SMT), Council and Heads of Department on 24 July 2020: Over the last three months, departmental Change Rapporteurs (CRs) from different departments across College have facilitated open discussions amongst colleagues in order to produce a collective, constructive and positive response to the challenges faced by Goldsmiths,Continue reading “Collective Change Statement”