Staff Assembly

Brown Paper Bag Lunchtime Assembly

Second Meeting 18/02/21 @1pm

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The time has come to reconstitute ourselves, to push ahead with widening the grassroots, staff-led discussion about Goldsmiths and its future, including the College’s response to the budgetary deficit and the COVID-19 crisis.

To our knowledge, the Vote of No Confidence at Goldsmiths was the biggest we’ve seen in UK Higher Education. In response, management dismissed staff voices outright. There was no response from the Warden of the College. On 4 December the Chair of Council sent an email to all staff to acknowledge receipt of the VoNC and offer an assurance of no redundancies before Christmas.

We want to build on the momentum for change by spotlighting the experiences of all colleagues working during the pandemic.

What’s the format?

Bring your coffee and your lunch to an informal meeting. Talk about how working conditions have changed over the last 12 months. How has the management of the COVID-19 crisis impacted your working life in the day to day? What responses do you want to see from management? How can we strengthen working relations among us during this trying time?

To assemble means to bring together, to gather round, but also to fit together the working parts of a whole.

Let’s see what emerges from listening to one another’s experience. Let’s see how we can continue to work together across the College. Let’s see how we can continue to communicate with one another transparently around the issues that matter to us.

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